Should I Buy A Home In The Winter?

Many prospective home buyers want to ask their real estate agent, “should I buy a home in the winter/holiday season?”, but many feel the answer they get might be a bit biased.   Although, many real estate experts suggest buying a home in fall or winter time, it turns out that this is usually a very good decision.  Buying A House In Riverside CaliforniaOne reason for this can be seen in sellers having lower viewing and offer activity during this time.  This could increase the seller’s motivation to accomodate the potential buyers offer terms of the contract, money down, closing costs etc.   Also, to know that someone has their home on the real estate market in the winter time means that they have a strong reason for selling.  Reasons can range from a simple job transfer, to divorce.  Other good reasons for buying a home during the winter months, is to see how the heating and windows might stand up in the cold winter months.  How efficient, or inefficient they might be?  Also, you might have the opportunity to see how a good rainfall effects the house and surrounding ground.

On the other hand, it is conventional to buy and move into a new home in the spring or summer time.  Especially when the kids are out for their school time break.   But don’t get caught up in being emotional on how the property might look in the spring time.  To always be aware that the nice weather months bring in the higher demand for properties, which in turn brings in a higher price tag, often with multiple offers to contend with (especially in Southern California).

If you’re in the market to buy a house in Riverside or a surrounding neighborhood, make sure you’re working with a reputable Riverside real estate agent team who is well equipped to help you make a good decision with your best interests in mind.

Riverside Real Estate Agent - Michelle LongnakerAs always, for all your real estate needs here in Southern California, I and my team of Riverside real estate agents here at The Homefinding Center are ready to help you find that perfect home!  To reach me direct, you can call 760-687-6072.  I look forward to hearing from you whether you’re looking to buy in the spring, summer, winter, or fall!  Michelle  ;-)

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