Riverside Utility Companies Phone Number List

Here’s our private and public Riverside Utility Companies contact list. One of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle when completing a move (whether moving to a new home, or moving out of your current home) is contacting the proper companies to have your utilities turned on, or cancelled if you’re moving out (such as electricity, telephone, gas, water, trash service, cable, internet, etc.).

We’ve compiled a list of contact information for various utility companies in Riverside, California.  I hope you find it useful when you need to turn on utilities, or turn off utilities in Riverside.

This is a list for the local utilities in Riverside, but these companies serve many surrounding cities as well.

Utilities – Electric Company
SoCal Edison Electric
email: www.sce.com
Telephone# 1-800-655-4555

Utilities – Gas Company
Southern California Gas Co.
email: www.socalgas.com
Telephone# 1-877-238-0092

Waste/Trash Services (Garbage)
Waste Management
email: www.wm.com
Telephone# 1-800-423-9986

Cable/Telephone land line Services
Time Warner Cable
email: www.timewarnercable.com
Telephone# 1-855-427-0191 or 1-866-336-5608

Utilities – Television Services
Direct TV
email: www.directTv.com
Telephone# 1-866-319-9838

Utilities – AT&T Home Phone line
email: www.att.com
Telephone# 1-855-327-0862

Riverside County Animal Services
email: www.rcdas.org
tele# 951-358-7387

Here is current buzz on Utility Companies…

If there is a utility company in Riverside, California you’d like listed here, please let us know.

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