Selling A Home In Riverside CA – Factors Affecting Sales Prices

Many Riverside home owners who have been on the sidelines since the real estate market correction in 2007, are looking to sell their homes today with the expectation that selling will be easier and more fruitful.  In the past five years, selling a home in Riverside county while maximizing sales price has been quite a mountain to climb.  Fortunately, selling a home in Riverside now is much easier than during the past several years.Selling a home in Riverside CA

It is important to note that trouble selling homes for top dollar can affect sellers in any market for a few important reasons.

The most realized of these reasons would be LOCATION.  Most everyone has heard the old saying, “Location, location, location!” which clearly makes the claim that location of a home is a very important factor contributing to ease or difficulty in selling.  It can a home’s best friend or worst enemy.  While Riverside is a popular city in which to live, there are some popular neighborhoods and some not so popular. A home in a troubled neighborhood can have ominous obstacles to selling.

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Conversely, a home located in a well liked, popular neighborhood in a good commute location not only is more likely to sell quickly, but for a higher sales price than a similar home in a less desirable neighborhood.

Appearance is another factor affecting the sale of a home. It is well understood that the appearance of a home on the exterior can determine if a potential buyer would even want to take a step inside.   Once a potential buyer is inside your home, appearance is a factor once again.  Properly maintaining your Riverside home is important if you intend to sell it at some point.  It will also allow your neighborhood to reflect a more positive outcome on the resale value.  If you have a good Riverside real estate agent, he/she will tell you the importance of this point.

Another lesser known factor that can cause difficulty in selling a Riverside home for top dollar is non-conforming properties. A non-conforming property is a property that doesn’t “match” the types of homes in the surrounding neighborhood. An example of this would be a Riverside apartment building in a neighborhood consisting of mostly single family homes.  When potential buyers are shopping for a new home, they tend to pick certain neighborhoods and zip codes they like.  It can be very challenging to sell a home that is “different” and does not conform to that particular “look” within its neighborhood. In addition to having a tough time finding a potential buyer, there is also the hurdle of the appraisal to clear. Non-conforming Riverside homes will typically take a reduction in appraisal value due to the fact that it’s unlike surrounding homes.

If you have the opportunity to learn these things PRIOR to buying a home, you might keep them in mind when shopping and buying a Riverside home. Selecting a home in a great Riverside neighborhood, conforming to the general look of the area, and well maintained and attractively appointed, could mean a higher sales price when you’re ready to sell.

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