Riverside Farmer’s Market

Riverside Farmer’s Market is in full swing.  Don’t miss out on the great stuff and the great time with your local businesses and neighbors!   Check out and enjoy all that the Riverside Market has to offer!  The market offers a good selection of great locally grown produce (including farm fresh Organic foods), freshly cut flowers, local farm growProduce Tablen eggs, and the freshest baked goods ever!  Most importantly, the event is all about community.  Many local growers bring their goods to the market straight from the farm (it doesn’t get any fresher than that… unless you eat it right off the plant/tree).  When my job as a real estate agent gives me a few minutes to spare, you might find me there picking up a few items for my family.

The promoters of the market also take an active role in making the local people a priority.  They do that by offering a booth each week for use by a local business and sometimes community or charity organizations.  If that’s not enough, the Riverside Public Library has a full calendar of events that coincidFresh Organic Produce CAe with the venue.  So don’t forget to take some time out of your busy schedule to support our Riverside community by stopping by the Riverside Farmer’s Market often.  Even if you haven’t ever been, just make a point of coming to check things out (you’ll be happy you did!).  You can find all the action near Township Hall.  Find them just next to the library in downtown Riverside from 2:30pm-7pm every Wednesday until October 2nd.

This should take care of you as far as produce and baked goods, but for all your real estate needs here in Riverside County, call your riverside real estate agent Michelle Longnaker @ 760-687-6072… or we can always talk when you see me at the best Farmers Market!


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  • Cameron In Corona September 12, 2013, 11:06 pm

    Thanks for the post on the Farmers Market. There’s probably many Riverside area residents who don’t even know there is a farmers market… and they’re missing out on some great stuff. Considering the great weather here in Southern California, they should extend the event year round. Cheers.