Rialto High School Gymnasium – Basketball Courts In Rialto, California

Various photos of Rialto High School Gymnasium in Rialto, California.  The Rialto HS Gym houses three full size basketball courts with retractable bleachers which cover two of the courts to make the center court spectator friendly.  The hardwood flooring in this gym is in good condition and the lighting is adequate for basketball events.  Many local teams and teams from surrounding cities utilize the courts for youth basketball leagues and training camps.  You might see the annual IEBP (Inland Empire Basketball Program) Spring League during weekends in March, or other tournaments featuring teams such as O3 Basketball or the Inland Empire Scorpions.  Use caution when selecting any team for your child as some teams and/or coaches might not provide the best experience for your youth.

Rialto High School Gymnasium

Rialto High School Gymnasium – Rialto, California

Rialto High School Gym

Rialto High School Gym – Rialto, California

Rialto Gym

Rialto Gym – Rialto, CA

Inland Empire Basketball Rialto HS

Inland Empire Basketball Rialto High School

Inland Empire Basketball Program

Inland Empire Basketball Program – Wildcats – Rialto High School

Rialto High School Gymnasium

Rialto High School Gymnasium – Rialto, CA

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