Inland Empire Scorpions Basketball Team Loses To Inland Havoc

Inland Empire Scoprions Basketball Team

The Inland Empire Scorpions basketball team had a rough day Sunday.  The over matched team was beaten soundly by their counterparts, the Inland Havoc Basketball team.  The tournament game at Player’s Edge Sports Facility in Riverside, California was a disappointing one for the Scorpion players though they did the best they could under the circumstances.  Unfortunately, the limited player pool the Scorpions deal with has a lasting effect on the level of success of the basketball program as is the case with any basketball program (i.e. if many players are trying out for a specific team, the team has a better chance of building an elite team from the larger pool of players).  The current Inland Empire Scorpions team is compiled from a limited number of tryout participants due to the limited exposure the club gets from outside media (as opposed to larger, well known clubs that provide higher levels of competition).

Inland Havoc beats Inland Empire Scorpions





Inland Empire Scoprions Basketball Team


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