Causes Of Death In The US Each Year

You might be surprised to know how deaths are caused in the U.S. each year.  With all the hype and fear over things like Ebola or Measles, the most deadly things on the following list aren’t exotic.  Review the list below and then get out there and start LIVING!

What kills us…Causes Of Death In The US

600,000     Heart Disease
580,000     Cancer
130,000      Accidents (unintentional)
129,000      Stroke
75,000        Diabetes
57,000        Pneumonia / Influenza
41,000        Suicide
30,000        Automobile Accidents
28,000        Gunshot
7,000           Drug Poisoning
5,000           Crossing The Street
4,000           Choking
4,000           Drowning
3,000           Chicken (yes… chicken)
2,000           House Fires
1,000            Falling Down Stairs
980               Killed By A Deer
950               Kicked By A Horse
54                  Hot Water
49                  Bee Stings
3                     Toilets (drowing)
2                     Died last year of Ebola

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