Searching for Homes for Sale in Riverside?

So you are searching for homes for sale in Riverside?  Buyers most often get misleading information from visiting various online sites designed only to draw you in as a visitor, in order to sell advertising space to real estate agents.  How do you make sure you are getting the most hones and up to date accurate information?  How can you get brand new home listings that are just put on the market for sale?  How do you know you are working with a reputable real estate agent?  These are great real estate buying questions that you deserve answers to.

Here is some important things that you need to know….

As of today, there are currently 588 homes for sale in Riverside, California.   Many Riverside real estate agents predict that the housing market here in Riverside, California will increase as much as 19.4% in the year of 2014.  So, if you are in the market, or thinking about it in the near future, pay close attention.

If you decide to invest in a home of your own, relocate to the Riverside area, or would like to add an investment home to your portfolio, your first and most important action will be to search out an honest, reputable real estate agent in the city where you want to buy.  That real estate agent will have personal knowledge and insight on the local housing communities.  They can direct you to desirable neighborhoods which are in close proximity to local schools, churches, and shopping centers that might be important to you.

This Riverside real estate agent should be able to provide you with  the most up to date and accurate property listings thru the “local” MLS. (Multiple Listing Service)  The agent should be able to set you up on an automated email system which will provide you with all of the current local listings in your price range.  They should also have the ability to set you up to receive an immediate email of new homes that just hit the market.  So once you have established a reputable real estate agent (see below for a great recommendation ;-), you now can move forward and be more confident in knowing that they will do their part to help you search for and buy the right home for you.

As always, for all your real estate needs here in Riverside, I and my team of Riverside area real estate agents here at The Homefinding Center are ready to help you find that perfect home!  To reach me direct, you can call Michelle at 760-687-6072.  I look forward to hearing from you whether you’re looking to buy in the spring, summer, winter, or fall!  Michelle  ;-)

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Should I Buy A Home In The Winter?

Many prospective home buyers want to ask their real estate agent, “should I buy a home in the winter/holiday season?”, but many feel the answer they get might be a bit biased.   Although, many real estate experts suggest buying a home in fall or winter time, it turns out that this is usually a very good decision.  Buying A House In Riverside CaliforniaOne reason for this can be seen in sellers having lower viewing and offer activity during this time.  This could increase the seller’s motivation to accomodate the potential buyers offer terms of the contract, money down, closing costs etc.   Also, to know that someone has their home on the real estate market in the winter time means that they have a strong reason for selling.  Reasons can range from a simple job transfer, to divorce.  Other good reasons for buying a home during the winter months, is to see how the heating and windows might stand up in the cold winter months.  How efficient, or inefficient they might be?  Also, you might have the opportunity to see how a good rainfall effects the house and surrounding ground.

On the other hand, it is conventional to buy and move into a new home in the spring or summer time.  Especially when the kids are out for their school time break.   But don’t get caught up in being emotional on how the property might look in the spring time.  To always be aware that the nice weather months bring in the higher demand for properties, which in turn brings in a higher price tag, often with multiple offers to contend with (especially in Southern California).

If you’re in the market to buy a house in Riverside or a surrounding neighborhood, make sure you’re working with a reputable Riverside real estate agent team who is well equipped to help you make a good decision with your best interests in mind.

Riverside Real Estate Agent - Michelle LongnakerAs always, for all your real estate needs here in Southern California, I and my team of Riverside real estate agents here at The Homefinding Center are ready to help you find that perfect home!  To reach me direct, you can call 760-687-6072.  I look forward to hearing from you whether you’re looking to buy in the spring, summer, winter, or fall!  Michelle  ;-)

Selling A Home In Riverside CA – Factors Affecting Sales Prices

Many Riverside home owners who have been on the sidelines since the real estate market correction in 2007, are looking to sell their homes today with the expectation that selling will be easier and more fruitful.  In the past five years, selling a home in Riverside county while maximizing sales price has been quite a mountain to climb.  Fortunately, selling a home in Riverside now is much easier than during the past several years.Selling a home in Riverside CA

It is important to note that trouble selling homes for top dollar can affect sellers in any market for a few important reasons.

The most realized of these reasons would be LOCATION.  Most everyone has heard the old saying, “Location, location, location!” which clearly makes the claim that location of a home is a very important factor contributing to ease or difficulty in selling.  It can a home’s best friend or worst enemy.  While Riverside is a popular city in which to live, there are some popular neighborhoods and some not so popular. A home in a troubled neighborhood can have ominous obstacles to selling.

View of Riverside CA Homes

Conversely, a home located in a well liked, popular neighborhood in a good commute location not only is more likely to sell quickly, but for a higher sales price than a similar home in a less desirable neighborhood.

Appearance is another factor affecting the sale of a home. It is well understood that the appearance of a home on the exterior can determine if a potential buyer would even want to take a step inside.   Once a potential buyer is inside your home, appearance is a factor once again.  Properly maintaining your Riverside home is important if you intend to sell it at some point.  It will also allow your neighborhood to reflect a more positive outcome on the resale value.  If you have a good Riverside real estate agent, he/she will tell you the importance of this point.

Another lesser known factor that can cause difficulty in selling a Riverside home for top dollar is non-conforming properties. A non-conforming property is a property that doesn’t “match” the types of homes in the surrounding neighborhood. An example of this would be a Riverside apartment building in a neighborhood consisting of mostly single family homes.  When potential buyers are shopping for a new home, they tend to pick certain neighborhoods and zip codes they like.  It can be very challenging to sell a home that is “different” and does not conform to that particular “look” within its neighborhood. In addition to having a tough time finding a potential buyer, there is also the hurdle of the appraisal to clear. Non-conforming Riverside homes will typically take a reduction in appraisal value due to the fact that it’s unlike surrounding homes.

If you have the opportunity to learn these things PRIOR to buying a home, you might keep them in mind when shopping and buying a Riverside home. Selecting a home in a great Riverside neighborhood, conforming to the general look of the area, and well maintained and attractively appointed, could mean a higher sales price when you’re ready to sell.

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How To Sell Your Riverside Home Fast – 5 Short Tips For Success

You might be sitting at your house in Riverside thinking thinking to yourself, “How can I sell my home fast and for top dollar?”.  Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a perfectly normal question for a home owner (home seller) to ask.  Here are five quick tips to help you on your way to a fast sale while maximizing your sales price (profit)…

Tip#1     Pricing Of Your Home
The key to success in this area is to price your home according to what is known as “Market Value” (this is the value supported by recent sales of comparable homes in your area of Riverside).  If you start put by overpricing your property, you then immediately could  lose More money in your pocketabout half of your potiential buyers.  How you ask?  By seeing that your home is priced outside comparable values, they can lose interest very quickly.  Regardless of what some people think, all buyers are out there to get the best deal possible on the home they buy.  Losing potential buyers by over pricing can be especially painful if you’re in a market that has few buyer.  So, if you’re smart in pricing your Riverside home (your real estate agent can help you with this), you can most definitely bank on the shortest amount of time on the market and almost guarantee top dollar.

Tip#2     Tasteful Décor – Minimal Clutter
Although you might be an avid collector of one thing or another (Russian nesting dolls for instance), keep in mind that when it is time to put your home on the market, it can definitely deflect from the “bones” Clutter in the homeof the home.  You never want a potential buyer of your home to come walking in and then be thinking of, or talking about something other than the home and how it meets their wants and needs.  It would be a good idea to simplify your decor down to the bare minimum.  You can do this by minimizing clutter, removing personal pictures, removing anything that may be polarizing (political or religious items), and removing excess furniture (this can make the home seem smaller than it is).  By following this advice, your potential buyers can see your home for all its great assets and not be distracted by clutter or personal items.

 Tip#3     Is Your House Like Fort Knox?
This one is simple, yet many home owners overlook this VERY IMPORTANT item.  If agents and buyers cannot get in to see your home, the likelihood that they’ll make an offer to buy it is very low.   Let your potential buyer and buyer’s agent know that your home is available to see at any time with as little notice as you can require (or no notice at all if showings are at reasonable times).  Have your real estate agent post all of your contact numbers, gate code, alarm code, etc…. on the private section (agent section) of the Riverside multiple listing service.  The more showing restrictions a seller imposes on agents and potential home buyers, the less likely the buyer’s agent will direct their client to view your property.  If you are curious as to whom has been to look at your house, be sure that your Riverside real estate agent installs a Supra Lockbox (if you have a good one, this will already be done) to monitor the coming and going of agents to the property.  The Supra box can also have additional security to let you know who is going to access it even prior to the Supra box allowing the agent to obtain the key.  Call your Riverside real estate agent team at 760.687.6072 for more information about “Call Before Showing” codes.

Tip#4     Showing Well
It is a great idea to make sure your home shows well.  In addition to walking through the home and taking a close look at each room, another thing that you can do, and quite inexpensively, is to make sure your home is well lit.  Don’t forget to turn on those extra table lamps.  It will bring a more inviting atmosphere to your home.  Also, if you can light a candle or two around your home.  It will bring a sweet aroma cascading thru the house.  A good course of action is to quickly go through the home and turn on ALL lights when someone is coming to see the home.  Having all the lights on in your home for an hour would likely cost less than $4.  Saving a couple bucks isn’t worth losing that good initial impression (which could help you get thousands more for your home).

Tip#5     Choosing The Right Riverside Realtor For You!
Finding and hiring the best equipped real estate agent is likely the single most important thing you can do.  Of course our team is expert with regard to listing, marketing, and sales in Riverside and surrounding communities, but you might find this article on How To Find A Good Riverside Real Estate Agent very helpful.Riverside Real Estate Agent Team

So, if you are thinking of placing your home for sale, thinking about buying, or both… please don’t hesitate to contact my team.  You can reach us anytime at 951.212.7479.  We hope to hear from you soon!   ;-)

Thinking You Might Like To Buy A New Home In Riverside?

If you’re like many other home buyers in the Inland Empire, you might be interested to buy a new home in Riverside, California.  While the market in the Riverside area has been brisk, new home builders are doing what they can to keep up with demand.

Standard Pacific Mission GroveStandard Pacific Homes is developing a new home community in the Woodcrest neighborhood of Riverside.  This terrific new home community is nestled among rolling hills with mountain views.  The Mission Grove homes will bring you the design of a home that looks, feels, and brings function of a home of the future.  You will notice that these homes are designed to integrate efficiency that will reflect an evolving lifestyle.  They are also designed to make a positive impact on our environment (which can also save you some serious cash!).

The new homes at Mission Grove in Woodcrest offers award winning elementary, middle, and high schools.  All this plus quick and easy access to the 91 or the 15 freeways for those who need to commute.  Inside the home, their multiple floor plans are very open and spacious.  They offer the customer (YOU) several options to choose from when customizing your new home.

New Home In Riverside California

Currently, Standard Pacific at Mission Grove has several “ready to move in” homes.  Their current pricing starts around $460,000 to about $499,000, but additional incentives can be had when you work with an agent with the Michelle Longnaker team of agents.  Be sure to call Michelle’s Riverside real estate agent team at 760.687.6072 prior to visiting the development for additional information and a personal appointment to view the models.

The standing inventory is selling fairly quickly, so give us a call soon so we can take a look while there is still inventory available.

Your Riverside real estate agent team at The Homefinding Center is ready to help you find the perfect model, and get you every incentive available (published or not).  Let us help!

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Property Values Raised by Hedge Funds In Riverside County?

I know what you’re thinking…. What is a Hedge fund?  By Wikipedia’s definition, a Hedge fund is “a collective investment scheme, often structured as a limited partnership, that invests private capital speculatively to maximize capital appreciation.”

You miRiverside Property Valuesght be asking, “How does a hedge fund affect me and my home here in Riverside?”.  Well, the hedge funds have recently seen (and acted on) the enormous potential in homes that once were selling for 300k, which are now selling for a fraction of that price, since the recession of 2008.  In the past couple of years, thousands of properties were purchased by different real estate funds in Southern California.  Yes, though the territory is extremely large, the reality is that there are a large number of these investment funds which DEFINITELY create increased demand.  Combine the demand with the shrinking inventory caused by institutional and private buyers, and it equals strong home price appreciation!  If you’re thinking about buying a home or even a second home for investment purposes, consider that investors and funds are making the move right now (and have been for the past several months).  The longer you wait to get involved, the higher the home prices will be and the less return you’ll see on your real estate investment.

To love a hedge fund or to despise the hedge fund?  Make no doubt about it, their impact on the local market and our home values is very real. To everyone wondering that same question, “how long will it last?”,  The answer is that no one knows for sure.  But if anyone out there knows anything about hedge funds, they know about Warren Buffett.  He is a CEO Berkshire Hathaway and is considered to be the most successful investor of all time.  Buffet believes it is a smart move right now to invest in a distressed property for a reduced purchase price, and find a rental family to move in and pay rent.  That way you’ll be adding a cheap asset to your portfolio.  Lately, many funds and private investors (like you) have been very active in purchasing distressed homes in the Riverside area either adding to their investment portfolios, or starting one.  So, with thousands of these homes being purchased up by hedge funds and private investors right here in our backyard in the Inland Empire, it is apparent someone is learning the lesson Warren Buffet knew long ago!

So with all of that said, I hope you are still with me.  I know it can great real tricky understanding how the market works in terms of hedge funds and private investors.  In that same note, if you are interested in buying a home for yourself, or buying a home as an investment (be like Buffett), my team of real estate agents is ready to help and knowledgeable about the Riverside area real estate market.  Your Riverside real estate agent (and surrounding cities of course), Michelle Longnaker @ 760-687-6072.